Enforcement & Prosecution

You can contact Fortune Green Legal Practice if the local authority has served you with an enforcement notice, or they have told you that this is what they intend to do. Fortune Green Legal Practice is based in West Hampstead in North West London, but we carry out work in the London area and throughout the south east. We are specialist planning solicitors with experience in dealing with this type of situation, and we know that it is very important to find a lawyer who can give the right advice and stop the situation from escalating out of control.

The local authority may take enforcement action if they believe that the conditions included in a planning permission have not been fulfilled, or that something has been built without planning permission altogether, when it should have had authorisation. Usually, this means that the local planning authority has received a complaint and even though you may think that there is no justification for their action, the authority must investigate all complaints it receives. This means that a planning officer, often a specialised enforcement officer, will contact you as part of an investigation. They may ask you to provide information about the site, or arrange a visit. Contacting Fortune Green Legal Practice at this stage can give you an increased chance of putting forward convincing arguments and making sure that a pointless investigation is quickly closed.

If you are served with a planning enforcement notice (or a breach of condition notice, or a stop notice, etc), taking advice from a solicitor can save you from the stress of confronting the local planning authority whilst trying to keep your building project on track. We can advise you whether it is worthwhile mounting an appeal, and provide advice about advocacy. Depending on the circumstances, Fortune Green Legal Practice may be able to transform your case and enhance its merits, but we also have close contacts with some of the best planning barristers in the country, and if appropriate we will advise you to go the extra mile. Whilst an appeal can be an expensive process, the investment could pay dividends in some circumstances.

The most important thing is not to do nothing in the hope that the threat of enforcement action will go away. Ultimately, the breach of a planning enforcement notice, or a similar notice, can lead to prosecution. If the matter has progressed to this stage, Fortune Green Legal Practice can advise you on presenting your best possible case.

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