Planning Applications & Appeals

Based in North West London but serving all of the South East of England, Fortune Green Legal Practice recognises that town and country planning law is a specialist legal field. When you use Fortune Green Legal Practice’s services, you can be sure that you have an experienced solicitor on your side, who can provide advice on the legal questions that may arise throughout the planning application process, and guide you through appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.

For some people, the process of submitting a planning application is daunting, and it may be the first time that they have direct contact with the local authority. Fortune Green Legal Practice works with individuals and businesses, and also as part of a team with planning consultants, architects, surveyors or other specialists to take the pain out of planning. By involving Fortune Green Legal Practice at an early stage, you can get advice on what development projects are likely to get approval in your area. You can get expert help with the form and content of the planning application to ensure the validation process goes smoothly and we will tell you whether you will need to provide extra information with your plans, such as a tree survey. Fortune Green Legal Practice can negotiate with the local planning authority and its legal team if there are any obstacles to gaining permission, and speak on your behalf at planning committee meetings.

You can also consult Fortune Green Legal Practice if your application has been refused and you have had to mount an appeal. As experienced planning lawyers we can advise on the documents you must submit to the Planning Inspectorate, and ensure that your case is presented in such a way as to give you the best possible chance of gaining permission on appeal.

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